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(C) Robert Jong Photography

(C) Robert Jong Photography

Thomas Alexander Otto Goedecke's (b. 1991) music has been described by critics to "journey forward after sounds that are new, poignant and quite exciting" by his peers to have "each moment lead gracefully to the next, and sound-worlds that might at first glance seem quite disparate are unified into a musical whole that is quite appealing." Goedecke's mentors have noted, "his combination of taiko drums and western instruments draw the listener into his captivating sound world. Thomas' music is unique and meaningful."

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Goedecke was introduced to music through the world of opera and later became heavily involved in Native American powwow dancing and Japanese taiko drumming. This clash of musical cultures continues to influence his diverse interests in opera, composition and ethnomusicology. 

Goedecke has composed for a wide variety of ensembles including TILT Ensemble who premiered The Girl from the West for electric guitar and piano in Uzzano, Italy in 2016; the Honolulu Chorale who premiered Kali Loa Ko e Taki Maama in 2015; and Los Robles Master Chorale, who performed his choral piece Yamabiko written for the one year anniversary of the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake, winning LRMC's Young Composer's Competition in 2012. He has studied composition with Michael Remson while in Houston, with Frank Ticheli, Stephen Hartke, Morten Lauridson and Veronika Krausas while earning his Bachelor's of Music at the University of Southern California, and currently Donald Womack, Thomas Osborne, and Takuma Itoh at the University of Hawai'i.

He currently enjoys his time playing taiko, learning oli and hula, and powwowing with 808 NDNZ on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i where both he and his wife, Katrina, teach.