Performance Announcements!

There have been quite a few exciting announcements:

TILT Ensemble has postponed the premiere of "The Girl from the West" to October.
Pro Musica Nipponia has selected my work "A Space Between" for their performances in Honolulu on March 5th and 6th.
Honolulu Chorale has selected my Tongan choral work as the winner of their composer's contest and will be premiering the work in mid-March.

Thank you for keeping up!  Many more exciting announcements to come in 2016!

My first album "East and West" and the importance of physical media

I was born into the CD age.  I never owned a cassette or record player growing up, and by the time I could make my own purchasing decisions, digital music platforms had already become the most popular way to purchase music.

So why do people my age start collecting physical copies of their favorite music?  A digital recording will always be far more accurate than anything vinyl or tape can offer, so why are we raiding garage sales and ebay to find vintage equipment to play outdated media?  

There's a beauty to physical music formats. It isn't about fidelity, but about the physicality, ritual, and experience of interacting with your music. With tape and vinyl, you thumb through your collection, you pick an album, you set the album on the turntable or place the cassette in the tape deck, turn on your components, set the needle on the record, and listen to the whole album from beginning to end. You absorb the album art, you skim the inserts or the J-card; you are experiencing the album with your full attention. You listen to the whole album, with each track meticulously placed to create a story for the listener.

This is why I released my first album with Reel Taped. They released my music to an audience that I can't reach myself yet share that same passion for the music listening experience I do. 

For those who enjoy digital releases, it is still available for digital download, and all cassettes come with a digital copy of the album.